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FAQ's - Web Solutions

Can you take over maintenance of my existing website?

Possibly. Much depends on the scope of your needs. If you simply need someone to add or modify text in your existing site this may not fit with our workload. If you're looking for a significantly redesigned web solution, this is more in line with what we offer.

I have an existing website that I want to keep. I would just like you to change how it looks. Can you do this?

Although websites can be very flexible, the coding required to put it all together can be very complex. Since our price is so economical, it's usually much easier to create a new website solution from scratch rather than trying to modify someone else's existing code.

In some ways, the coding required to build a website is similar to building a house. If, after the house is finished, you decide to take out a main support beam, the whole house might collapse. Websites are structured much the same way. Generally, considering our fees, building a completely new website is the best way to go.

How long will it take to get my website completed and online?

Websites require care and planning to do things right. Virtually every company offering web solutions will tell you to allow 4-6 weeks for completion. The timeline is very much dependent on how well prepared the client is - it largely depends on if they have their text and photos ready, and various other details worked out.

For clients that are prepared, we've had their website completed within 2-4 days. For the others, the process turns out to be more complex than they anticipated and the site has taken longer to finish. As long as we have the full cooperation of our client, we will have your site completed and online in 7 days or less.

Why does the guy down the street charge so much more for his website design services?

There are thousands upon thousands of "website designers" out there, everything from inexperienced teenagers making a few extra bucks to high-end firms that charge many thousands of dollars. We offer affordable, high quality, custom web solutions and the experience necessary to make your website successful. We design sites without all the distracting and unneeded "bells and whistles". We build clean, user friendly websites.

What can I expect from having a website?

Peace of mind, knowing that you have done one of the most important things to maintain and grow your business. Clearly, a properly designed, well thought out website has the ability to reach a very wide audience of potential customers. For a relatively small investment, the payback of having a professional web solution is well worth the price. Especially if your competitor is already online.

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